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Unus Mundus
Unus Mundus
Unus Mundus
Unus Mundus
Unus Mundus

Jason Yung

Unus Mundus, 2019




This is a unique work


Unus Mundus is Yung's largest lightbox. It was built to explore a different way of constructing images with light that was conceived while Yung was studying at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program from 2017-2019. There, Yung had the idea of using objects in the space between the LEDs and the projection surface to cast shadows and create hard lines, something his previous work had not done. His ITP thesis explored this idea, using motorized objects to create different patterns of light on the surface. This piece is the culmination of that research, as well as in exploring perception with an object of monumental scale. The name Unus Mundus means “one world” in Latin, and is a term taken from alchemy. It refers to the integration of the internal and external worlds of the alchemist -- the highest stage of the alchemical work. For Yung, it means integrating both light and shadow to create form, which has meaning to him both artistically and philosophically. 

The selection of paintings that are displayed on the Unus Mundus were all done in 2019-2020 and are named, in order: Nigredo; Albedo; Rubedo; Stairway; Kundalini; Two Columns; Blue World; Abstract Expressionism; Color Frame;