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Temple 5
Temple 5
Temple 5
Temple 5
Temple 5

Jason Yung

Temple 5, 2020




This is a unique work


Temple 5 - Audio from Jason Yung on Vimeo.

Temple 5 is Yung's most recent work, the conclusion of a line of investigation that began during the beginning of the pandemic in New York City. It is also Yung's first interactive piece, made to be moved by hand by the viewer. This piece began back in March as an attempt to do a James Turrell-inspired color study by his bedroom window, but slowly transformed into a method of projecting LEDs through wooden sticks to create lines and gradations of light and shadow on a surface. This is Yung's first work that utilizes reflected light (off the wall) as opposed to projected light (through a diffusion surface). While much of Yung's works involve exploring light and space in a practical way, the subject matter always reflects internal psychological processes. The pandemic is a hardship that hit the entire human race at once, every person, every nation. It is a collective initiation event, a trial by fire. For Yung, this time accelerated personal growth and change through hardship and isolation. The mental image that kept recurring to Yung was of walking in a desert and approaching a great temple. For him, Temple 5 was the entry into the Temple and seeing its interiors - the interiors of his own unconscious.