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Bushwick Lightbox
Bushwick Lightbox

Jason Yung

Bushwick Lightbox, 2017




This is a unique work


Bushwick Lightbox - Audio from Jason Yung on Vimeo.

Bushwick Lightbox is Yung's first large lightbox. Each lightbox Yung builds serves as the blank canvas for specific works to be made. Yung made about a hundred different works on the Bushwick Lightbox, which he displayed for dozens of pop-up shows on the streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn - where he lived for four years -- over the summers of 2017 and 2019. The show includes a selection of paintings done from 2017-2019, each displaying Yung's exploring depth, space and and perception. 

The paintings displays are named, in order: Hommage to Albers (2017); Pearly Gates (2017); I Ching (2017); Red and Blue on Maroon (2017); Orange Stairs (2017); Rembrandt (2017); Faded Room (2019); Rising Square (2019); Klee Study (2019); Eight Columns (2019); Albers Study(2019); Door To Hell (2019); Not Seeing The Yellow River The Heart Does Not Give Up (2019); Elixar (2019); Purple Al Hamra (2019); Manhattan Dusk (2019);