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Natasha Wright


Natasha Wright - Painter from Tara Sgroi on Vimeo.

Artist Statement

My work explores the significance of the female body as icon.

My practice probes the politics of the representation of the female form. Gender, sexuality, vulnerability and power, seduction and aggression - these dualities motivate the dynamics of my work.

The paintings reference the political and the personal. The representation of females throughout history is considered alongside contemporary references. The Venus of Willendorf, Mary Magdalena, The Three Graces and Cardi B are some of my many muses.

The women I paint balance the grotesque and beautiful. They are not naive to the history and male subjectivity they inherit. They claim their space to discover who they are on their own terms.

The paintings create their own symbol of female power and energy. This not only involves the subject and composition but also the attitude in which they are made. To me, the approach is just as important as the subject.

The substance of paint becomes an analogy for the body. Paint is used as a metaphor to create a skin of human experience, an idiosyncratic personality both hidden and exposed.

Artist Bio

Natasha Wright is a New Zealand born artist based in New York City.

In 2017 Natasha earned her Masters of Fine Arts from The New York Studio School. She was awarded The New York Studio School Scholarship,The Jane Chace Carroll Merit Award and the LCU Award.

Natasha has exhibited in New Zealand, Australia and The United States. 2019 Solo Shows include John Davis Gallery (New York), Parlor Projects (New Zealand) and SFA Projects (New York). Group shows include Steven Harvey Fine Art (New York), M David and Co (Brooklyn) and Bowery Gallery (New York).

Natasha Wright’s work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Art Critical, The New Zealand Artist Magazine, The Denizen and The New Zealand Herald. In 2018 Natasha’s solo show “Les Biches” was named as one of the five best female art exhibitions in NYC by Harper’s Bazaar.

In 2017 Natasha co-founded JMN Artists, a curatorial collaboration and artists’ initiative. She has curated shows in both Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Natasha is a volunteer at Art Start and The Exceptional Artists Foundation - an organization dedicated to empowering the special needs arts community.

Natasha's work is held in the Wallace Arts Trust and private collections internationally.

Artist's work

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