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About us

About Rectangle:

Our mission is to rebuild a thriving emerging art scene to help make art and artists visible, inspiring and influential parts of communities around the world once again.

We do this by empowering select artists to showcase their art in the real-world social spaces where people already gather, making it easy for everyone to learn about and buy that art from their phones.

Rectangle is a reimagining of the salon, designed for how we live today.


How Rectangle Works:

The Rectangle device is designed to be noticed anywhere, displaying updates in realtime, indicating the status of each artwork using a simple color language.



When you see a Rectangle device, you can be assured that instant information about the artwork surrounding you is at your fingertips and readily accessible using your mobile device. Visit or scan the QR code and you’ll be able to take a deep dive into the artwork, learn about the artist, and share or transact with a few taps.